HOW IT WORKS? Eliquis is a part of a drug called anticoagulants. Did you know that this class belongs to a group of medicines that function in the same particular way? This drug was created to help treat bloodclots. Eliquis thins your blood to help prevent your body from forming any blood clots.

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Eliquis is a medication that you can either take by itself or with food. This medication is typically consumed twice daily in a span of a few hours. Should you prefer to crush and mix your medication in liquids such as water or juice you may then drink it right away.

Be sure to consult your medical professional such as your NRP or Primary Physician when stopping Eliquis. Remember the dosage and the amount of times taken daily is important to be followed.Consult a doctor prior to making changes in what was originally prescribed to you.

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Swelling, Bruising, Bleeding in gums or nose , Rectal bleeding, Bloody Urine, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Should you see anything out of the ordinary and notice that you are bleeding irregularly please contact a medical professional ASAP. For emergencies please be sure to contact 9-1-1.

Eliquis is known to decrease blood clots as well as helps to prevent various medical conditions. Eliquis is an antidote. For the most part this medication does not require monitoring.

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