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The Importance of Keeping Your Pharmacist Informed

There are at least 50% of the American people take one prescription medication on a daily basis. Many are on a different kind of prescription plan, from medicines that prevent blood clots from forming to distinct types of insulin, it is important that you keep your pharmacist updated. Either you refill your prescription medications from the same source or you found a new place for your over-the-counter drugs, a licensed pharmacist will always be available to assist you with regards to any of your questions.

Your Pharmacist Should be Updated by the following:

1. Medications That You are Currently Taking

Regardless if the two medications are for entirely different parts of your body, however, there could be an adverse effect when these two medications are integrated.

While your primary physician is aware of the medications you are taking which they have written for you. They may not be conscious of your other daily routine medications. o guarantee your full recovery in case there are different doctors attended over the year and one of them is not aware of your entire medical history.

At Honeybee Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy partner, is a healthcare professional who makes sure to verify your medical history and prescription drugs you are taking to ensure safe and effective use of your medications and to avoid any possible negative interactions.

2. Possible Apprehensions About Negative Reactions.

Our licensed pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy department has a long list to consider as the side effects diversify based on the patient’s history, gender, race, age and more.

This primary concern that our pharmacist takes very seriously for you to be made aware of the potential result of your medication.

Some effects are infrequent, it is vital for you to assess if the side effect is worth the risk, know what to look for and how to respond in case any possible scenario happens.

Honeybee Pharmacy is committed to supplying safe medications at affordable prices and have the assurance for your orders. Our licensed pharmacist is earnest and committed to review all of the possible side effects and treatment options.

3. Inquiry you have about the Medication

Your physician is undeniably able to explain to you the reason why you need to take the specific prescribed medication. However, a licensed pharmacist is certainly able to expound things you can fully understand. Your pharmacist may also recommend you to review your health plan to monitor your prescriptions medication intakes and to help avoid serious side effects.

Know that Pharmacists are medication experts and play a critical role in helping you get the best results from your medications. Preparing and ensuring your medicines and doses are correct, prevent harmful drug interactions, and provide counsel on the safe and appropriate use of their medications.

Make sure to review your medications with your pharmacist to ensure safety and effectiveness. Feel free to ask questions or clarifications as our team at Honeybee Pharmacy is ready to help and serve you. Anytime and anywhere.

4. If you concur with Generic Equivalent Medications

Our licensed pharmacist will also be happy to assist you in obtaining your prescription and for you to receive the right medication that suits your budget or even source out the medication for you. Some doctors may not be aware of which generic equivalent performs as well.

A generic medication is a medication which is manufactured by a company which was not the innovator. Due to expired patents on certain medications, other manufacturers are allowed to produce and sell the generic equivalent medication at a lower, more competitive price.

A generic medication is bio-equivalent, meaning it contains the equivalent active ingredient, to the brand name medication. Due to strict regulations for the generic drug industry, these drugs must provide the same therapeutic effect as the brand name medication. However, there may be some variation to the size, shape and color of the medication.

A generic equivalent medication may different from the brand name medication due to size, shape, color or any additional fillers. Our licensed pharmacist would love to help you understand these.

There are cases that your insurance only covers certain brands and the reason why our pharmacist recommends you to review your medications with them. Unfortunately, these same life-saving medications can be costly. It doesn’t have to be that way. Honeybee Pharmacy believes that Americans have the right to save prescription drugs at affordable prices. We will do everything we can to help you stay on your budget.

We are committed to helping Americans purchase their prescription and over-the-counter drugs at a fraction of the cost compared to the USA. Canadian Sourced medications that you can rely on. Honeybee Pharmacy retails everything from tablets to inhalers to insulin to topical creams and much more. Honeybee Pharmacy is ready to serve you.

Remember HoneyBee Pharmacy is an established Pharmacy partner located in Canada that is proud to serve Americans all over the USA. Simply log onto the company website at www.honeybee-pharmacy-3e0afc.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com or call the toll free number: 1-888-557-0340. Honeybee Pharmacy is open 365 days a year!

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If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy department, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our toll free number: 1-888-557-0340.