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Guide to a Better Sleep

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HoneyBee Pharmacy acknowledges that a goodnight’s sleep is essential to our physical and mental health. Despite its importance, a troubling percentage of people find themselves regularly deprived of quality sleep and are notably sleepy during the day. Did you know that not getting enough sleep and consuming water can lead to exhaustion and cause you to lose the ability to focus/or retain information? This affects millions of Americans when it comes to their school and work.

HoneyBee Pharmacy discusses various causes and types of sleeping problems, Did you know that exports say that putting away your electronic device, powering down your computer, laptop, tablet or television 30 minutes prior to sleep is crucial to be able to clear your mind? Like our electronic gadgets our minds themselves are computers. They are the power source of our body. Like computers we need time to process what is going on and be able to power down our thoughts as our body rests itself.

For many people, trying to implement all these strategies can be overwhelming. But remember that it’s not all-or-nothing; you can start with small changes and work your way up toward healthier sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene. To make these sleep hygiene improvements more approachable, we’ve broken them into four categories:

· Creating a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom

· Optimizing Your Sleep Schedule

· Crafting a Pre-Bed time Routine

· Fostering Pro-Sleep Habits During the Day

In each category, you can find specific actions that you can take to make it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up well-rested.

Try these tips to get a better sleep:

1. Set Your Body Clock

Go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day, even on weekends. This routine will get your brain and body used to being on a healthy snooze-wake schedule. In time, you’ll be able to nod off quickly and rest soundly through the night.

2.Look for Hidden Caffeine

Coffee in the morning is fine for most people. But as soon as the clock strikes noon, avoid caffeine in foods and drinks. Even small amounts found in chocolate can affect your sleep. Try Caffeine free drinks. This might just change your life.

3. Work Out

Regular exercise not only helps you sleep better but also feel better. Know that as long as you don’t get it in too close to bedtime. A post-workout burst of energy can keep you awake. Aim to finish any vigorous exercise 3 to 4 hours before you head to bed. Exercise in the morning before work or school is a great way to keep yourself alert, focused and in good energy for the rest of your day.

4. Eat Right at Night

Don’t eat heavy foods and big meals too late. Try and set a system where you do not eat past 9pm or a time which best works for you. Overeating may overload your digestive system, which affects how well you sleep. Have a light evening snack of cereal with milk or crackers and cheese instead. Look into late night snacks. Remember, we said snack not meal.

5. Dimming the Lights

Dim them around your home 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Lower light levels signal your brain to make melatonin, the hormone that brings on sleep. — If you are interested in Melatonin, the herb to help you fall asleep, be sure to check out the tablet version of this that can be purchased at your local Pharmacy. Be sure to consult with a Pharmacist if you have any questions regarding the effects and how it works.

6. Turn Down Smoking

Nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine. Tobacco can keep you from falling asleep and make insomnia worse. Avoid smoking 1 hour prior to sleeping. Also, prior to sleeping be sure to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. Did you know that when an individual smokes prior to sleeping doesn’t wash mouth or brush teeth, the smell of the smoke attaches itself to your pillow, your comforter, the room etc.

7. Free Your Mind

Practice meditation. Learn to turn off your phone. Detach yourself from your material objects. Put aside any work, sensitive discussions, or complicated decisions 2 to 3 hours before bed. It takes time to turn off the “noise” of the day. If you’ve still got a lot on your mind, jot it down and let go for the night. Then, about an hour before you hit the sack, read something calming, meditate, listen to quiet music, or take a warm bath.

Remember that a little “ME” time is worth it. Take care of yourself, for yourself. You deserve it.

8. Have a Coffee Cutoff Time Tired of being tired? Try switching to decaf after 2pm. Studies show that even drinking coffee 6 hours before bedtime can rob your sleep time.

9. When to See Your MD or NRP.

Should you experience insomnia, please contact your Primary Physician. They can check to see if you may be developing or if you have a health condition. Other side effects that you should monitor and;or mention to your Physician include: Increased level of Irritability,Lack of Patience, Lack of Kindness, Exhaustion, Loss Of Memory, Affects your blood, Affects your Energy levels, Affects your Weight, Negative emotions, Acid reflux, Arthritis, Asthma, or Depression

Remember, we all need more sleep time, and most of us would love to know how to sleep better. One in three of us is sleep-deprived, and that’s dangerous to our careers, health, moods, and relationships. Did you know being sleep deprived is actually a common reason why many accidents occur? Some people fall asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion. Our team at HoneyBee Pharmacy encourages you to sleep better and make time for yourself. Take care of yourself for yourself.

If you have any further inquiries and would like to speak to a licensed medical professional please do not hesitate to call 1-888-557-0340 or head over to the website www.honeybee-pharmacy-3e0afc.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com to find out more information on how you can contact the HoneyBee Pharmacy team.

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