There are at least 50% of the American people take one prescription medication on a daily basis. Many are on a different kind of prescription plan, from medicines that prevent blood clots from forming to distinct types of insulin, it is important that you keep your pharmacist updated. Either you refill your prescription medications from the same source or you found a new place for your over-the-counter drugs, a licensed pharmacist will always be available to assist you with regards to any of your questions.

Your Pharmacist Should be Updated by the following:

1. Medications That You are Currently Taking

Regardless if the two medications are for entirely different parts of your body, however, there could be an adverse effect when these two medications are integrated.

While your primary physician is aware of the medications you are taking which they have written for you. They may not be conscious of your other daily routine medications. o guarantee your full recovery in case there are different doctors attended over the year and one of them is not aware of your entire medical history.

At Honeybee Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy partner, is a healthcare professional who makes sure to verify your medical history and prescription medications you are taking to ensure safe and effective use of your medications and to avoid any possible negative interactions.

2. Possible Apprehensions About Negative Reactions.

Our licensed pharmacist from our contracted Pharmacy department has a long list to consider as the side effects diversify based on the patient’s history, gender, race, age and more.

This primary concern that our pharmacist takes very seriously for you to be made aware of the potential result of your medication.

Some effects are infrequent, it is vital for you to assess if the side effect is worth the risk, know what to look for and how to respond in case any possible scenario happens.

Honeybee Pharmacy is committed to supplying safe medications at affordable prices and have the assurance for your orders. Our licensed pharmacist is earnest and committed to review all of the possible side effects and treatment options.

3. Inquiry you have about the Medication

Your physician is undeniably able to explain to you the reason why you need to take the specific prescribed medication. However, a licensed pharmacist is certainly able to expound things you can fully understand. Your pharmacist may also recommend you to review your health plan to monitor your prescriptions medication intakes and to help avoid serious side effects.

Know that Pharmacists are medication experts and play a critical role in helping you get the best results from your medications. Preparing and ensuring your medicines and doses are correct, prevent harmful drug interactions, and provide counsel on the safe and appropriate use of their medications.

Make sure to review your medications with your pharmacist to ensure safety and effectiveness. Feel free to ask questions or clarifications as our team at Honeybee Pharmacy is ready to help and serve you. Anytime and anywhere.

4. If you concur with Generic Equivalent Medications

Our licensed pharmacist will also be happy to assist you in obtaining your prescription and for you to receive the right medication that suits your budget or even source out the medication for you. Some doctors may not be aware of which generic equivalent performs as well.

A generic medication is a medication which is manufactured by a company which was not the innovator. Due to expired patents on certain medications, other manufacturers are allowed to produce and sell the generic equivalent medication at a lower, more competitive price.

A generic medication is bio-equivalent, meaning it contains the equivalent active ingredient, to the brand name medication. Due to strict regulations for the generic drug industry, these drugs must provide the same therapeutic effect as the brand name medication. However, there may be some variation to the size, shape and color of the medication.

A generic equivalent medication may different from the brand name medication due to size, shape, color or any additional fillers. Our licensed pharmacist would love to help you understand these.

There are cases that your insurance only covers certain brands and the reason why our pharmacist recommends you to review your medications with them. Unfortunately, these same life-saving medications can be costly. It doesn’t have to be that way. Honeybee Pharmacy believes that Americans have the right to save prescription drugs at affordable prices. We will do everything we can to help you stay on your budget.

We are committed to helping Americans purchase their prescription and over-the-counter drugs at a fraction of the cost compared to the USA. Canadian Sourced medications that you can rely on. Honeybee Pharmacy retails everything from tablets to inhalers to insulin to topical creams and much more. Honeybee Pharmacy is ready to serve you.

Remember HoneyBee Pharmacy is an established Pharmacy partner located in Canada that is proud to serve Americans all over the USA. Simply log onto the company website at or call the toll free number: 1-888-557-0340. Honeybee Pharmacy is open 365 days a year!

Have you heard about Ozempic? If not, let us tell you about it.

Ozempic What is it?
Ozempic is the brand name medication of the generic equivalent Semaglutide. Ozempic is an injection used to manage Diabetes Type 2. The purpose of Ozempic is to speed up sugar metabolism by boosting insulin secretion.

Explain How It Works
Ozempic uses the body’s natural ability to lower blood sugar and A1C Hemoglobin results. A test in which detects a pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic condition in its user. Ozempic functions by stimulating the release of your body’s insulin while at the same time releasing its own. Ozempic takes effect when your blood sugar is low. That way your body can slow down digestion. This will then reduce the amount of sugar that is released from your liver.

Did you know that Ozempic aids in decreasing your appetite by slowing down your digestion? Some people who have Diabetes use Ozempic to help them lose weight. Please keep in mind that Ozempic is not FDA-approved for such use. It is always best to speak to your doctor first before using Ozempic for any type of attempt at weight loss. It is important to have a medical professional’s opinion, consultation and to know that they can provide you with more information regarding this medication.

Instructions – How to
Typically you would take this medication once a week. You may take it either with or without food. Any questions, asked a licensed Pharmacist or Physician. This medication is used and injected in your upper arm or thigh. A consultation and confirmation by your local health provider or our licensed Pharmacist for further questions regarding this medication.

Upon being assigned this medication with your physician it is important that you set a specific time and day of the week to take your medication. Be consistent in taking your medication to avoid not taking the medication and to keep your lifestyle healthy.

Should you miss a dose, you should take it as soon as possible. This window is about 5 days long. If you have surpassed that time, take the next dose on your regular schedule. Ask your Doctor or our Pharmacist regarding any questions or concerns.

How to keep your medication Cool
Any unopened Ozempic medication is advised to be stored in the refrigerator between 36-46°F or 2-8°C. Any used or open pens should be kept at 59-85°F or 15-30°C room temperature.

Always label your medication that you are currently using to avoid mixing it up with ones that you have not opened yet. Refrain from opening multiples at the same time to ensure the shelf life remains at the best of it’s quality as possible. Ozempic is sensitive to both exposure to the sun, light and hot temperatures. Therefore you must store it in a cool environment.

Avoid Using Ozempic If you are: A history of retinopathy – diabetes
A person with thyroid tumors, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Endocrine neoplasia syndrome, Experiencing Excessive Dehydration, Kidney problems, Blurred Vision, Severe pains in stomach area

Do You Accept Insurance For Ozempic?
We do not accept insurance as we are located outside the USA. However, we can provide you a medical expense report. Should you submit that to your insurance and they choose to reimburse you that is seperate from us.

Manage Your Diabetes – The Use Of Ozempic
Taking any Insulin and Type 2 diabetes medications such as Ozempic require a use of a proper diet in which you can commit to. Frequent exercise. An active lifestyle with a nutritious diet in combination with your medication is crucial to maintaining your blood sugar levels. Stay hydrated.

Supply, Supply, Supply.
To ensure you do not run out of stock for your medication it is important that you place an order with us ahead of time to ensure that your medication at home will get you through the delivery period of your order placed with us. Always place your order ahead of time and always make sure to have an emergency bottle stocked as well while you are waiting for your next shipment. is open days a week and is ready to serve you. Call us today at: 1 (888) 557-0430.

Insulin forms 
Insulin comes in various types, forms and quantities. Insulin can come in vials, cartridges or pens. Please be advised that needles are sold separately and are bought locally. Be sure to store your insulin medications in a refrigerator to keep the medications cool. Insulin medications once opened is good for up to 28 days in room temperature. Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your insulin medications please do not hesitate to give us a call to request to speak to a licensed Pharmacist.

How to Properly Handle  Diabetes Insulin at Home

 Depending on the selection of insulin you are using there might be some differences in how to store and how long the medications can be good for. Typically medications are good for 28 days from the day that the medication has been open.
Should you notice any discoloration or have any questions or concerns regarding your insulin medication(s) once you have received it, please do not hesitate to contact your primary physician or simply give us a call at our toll free number 1 (888) 557-0340.

Storing Your Medications In a Cool Temperature Environment 

Insulin mediations are sensitive to temperatures. The medications are to be kept away from direct heat caused by the sun. Insulin medications that are not used or open  should be stored safely in the refrigerator with a temperature range of 36°F to 46°F.  Please note that opened insulin should be kept at room temperature from 56°F to 80°F. You may place your insulin inside a container or bag that blocks it from direct sunlight.
Should you suspect your insulin medications have  been left in extreme hot temperatures or under direct sunlight please refrain from using the product. Please take a picture of the medications and contact your local Physician or call us to speak to a licensed Pharmacist. Dispose of the pen, bottle or cartridge immediately.
Can Insulin be left unrefrigerated?
Insulin is typically good until it’s stated expiry date enlisted on the bottle. However, once the seal has been opened the medication is typically good for 28 days after the medication has been exposed to air.  Examples would be the following: Both Lantus (Glargine) and Humalog (Lispro) last only 28 days after opening when left outside of the refrigerator.Consult your primary physician regarding any inquiries regarding the shelf life of the medication once your medication has been opened. Your physician will inform you of the appropriate time to use your medications. Always consult a physician or pharmacist if you have any questions or concerns prior to use of the medications.

Knowing the various insulins available in the market, knowing what works for you and what your preference is will help you identify which insulins are suitable for you. Factors to consider are the types, the strengths and the purpose of use for what’s been assigned to you from your doctor. Always inspect the product that you receive whether it be a pen, vial or cartridge prior to use. By observing the product prior to use this will help determine if it looks safe to use. Gently roll the insulin bottle and pen while inspecting.

How To Handle Insulin At Home 

Should you notice any discoloration, clumps or frost please take pictures of your medications prior to disposal. Immediately discard the medication after you have taken photos. All insulin medications should be clear. Should you see NPH and should it be cloudy give us a call and consult a Pharmacist prior to use to be safe. Keep your medications in the refrigerator out in the clear separate from food. This way you know where it is at all times.

Labelling Open Insulin Vials/Pens/Cartridges
To ensure quality use of your medications please make sure to write down the date that you have opened your medication. This will help you to remember when to discard and dispose of it.
Double Check Your Prescription To Ensure The Right Strength Is Used
When placing an order for your medication always be sure to double check the medication that you are purchasing. Double check to ensure it reflects the correct strength. As well Prior to injection, check the amount you have in your syringe.
Prior to Injection –  Make Sure To Keep Insulin At Room Temperature
To avoid discomfort, refrain from using cold insulin. When injecting cold insulin you may experience discomfort.  Suggestion: Once you remove your insulin from the refrigerator keep it at room temperature for about 30 minutes prior to use.
Kind Reminder – Changing Your Insulin Pump Reservoir – This Is Essential
Did you know that the cold and body heat can actually degrade insulin? Should you be using an insulin pump, please keep track of how long and where you wear it. Make sure to jot this down in your phone or notebook. It is important and highly recommended to change your reservoir every 2-3 days or whenever you change your infusion set.

If You Have To Doubt It – Don’t Use It.

Should you ever have to second guess the safety of your insulin vial, pen or cartridge it is best to dispose of it immediately. Open a new one. Do NOT take anything you are not sure of.

How to Store Insulin At Home – Go To Tips

We know that the temperature inside a refrigerator can fluctuate. That can result in your insulin freezing regardless if it is not in the freezer. Other negative impacts that are a result of bad temperatures is discoloration, deterioration of the synthetic hormone which leaves you with incorrect blood glucose for your readings. To ensure that the temperature inside your refrigerator is stable at 39° F or 4° C it is recommended that you use a thermometer. By doing this, this ensures it does not drop down to that “freezing” point.

The “go-to” place to store your insulin would be inside the fridge on the top door’s shelf. This is where you would usually put your cheese, butter or dairy products. It wouldn’t hurt to have a temperature monitor inside.

Avoid leaving insulin in your parked car. A vehicle can have it’s interior affected by weather conditions which results in extremely cool or overly hot weather. Always be sure to inspect the appearance of your medication prior to its’ usage.

As mentioned, keep your insulin in an isolated container. This can be a container or a bag. This will help protect the product from extreme heat or coolness. By doing this it also ensures to avoid unnecessary spills if you are carrying the medication outside of the house.

It is advised to keep your medication and all that is related to the use of your medication organized. This includes anything and everything from: needles, glucometer strips, alcohol, syringes, cotton balls and diabetes devices.

Make sure to take the time to label your insulin medications. Should you be using various insulin types it is required that you closely monitor your medications and keep a log on which days you use which. This requires close monitoring of your blood sugar and your physician should be aware of all the medications you are currently taking. You should also be sure to inform our team should you be choosing to fill your medications with us. Be sure to always check the packaging of your medications regarding anything related to storage and type of insulin you are using.

It is highly recommended to always keep track of your personal inventory. Always have a bottle in stock for regular use and an emergency bottle for just in case. It is very important that you always keep supply of your medication at home to prevent any complications or problems that could have been avoided.

Should you be in need of refilling your medications, you can place your order with Did you know we fill medications for up to 90 days and that Honeybee Pharmacy not only ships insulin but other diabetes medications as well? Honeybee Pharmacy ships medications at a flat rate of $29.99 USD.

Our insulin products and all other medications are shipped using reputable vendors. Our medications are shipped within 7-10 business days from the date we receive your order, prescription and method of payment. Should there be any delay in receiving your medications please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our customer service specialist team will contact you.

Please be advised that the maximum amount that we may dispense is up to 3 months. Individual orders are limited up to a 3 month supply. We do NOT provide stock for stock purposes. We only distribute medications for personal use when it comes to both pet and human medications.

Your Health. Your Diabetes Insulin. Staying Healthy And Providing You The Support You Need.

Given all the tips that we provided, you should now know how to properly store your medications. By maintaining proper storage procedures your insulins should keep your blood sugar up to date. Be mindful that room temperature plays an important and essential role in all insulin products’ purpose of quality. If you ever have to doubt using your medication, do not use it. Seek medical advice. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Why Purchase Insulin Online Rather Than Locally?

Savings, Savings, Savings. If you plan ahead and you purchase in quantity you are not only putting money back into your pockets, you are saving for your future. The inflated rates of medications in the USA make it hard to purchase the medications that you need to live better and to live comfortably. By purchasing your medications with we not only ensure the quality and price of medications are rational, we provide excellent customer service. We put you first and that’s a guarantee.
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Trulicity comes in a prefilled disposable pen which is a single use pen. It is injected under the skin. Patients give themselves their injections. If you are not sure how to inject please refrain from injecting and contact your local physician or our pharmacist to consult you on how to use the medication.

What dosage should you be using?
All dosages are subject to vary and should be taken up with your primary local physician. Any questions speak to our licensed Pharmacist. Patients are never to change their dose without discussing with their health care provider. Never take medical advice from anyone other than a licensed medical professional nor any other online platform.

What are common Side Effects from Trulicity?
If you are experiencing any allergic reaction or any of the following Side Effects, please contact your local Primary Physician:
Agitation, Cold chills, Confusion, Cool Pale skin, Excessive bowel movements and/or; urination, Depression, Difficulty breathing or swallowing, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Fevers, Increased hunger, Irritability, Loss of appetite, Lump in Neck, Nausea, Muscle irritation, Rapid Heartbeats or Rapid weight gain, Seizures, Shakiness, Slurred speech, Stomach pains or aches, Swelling of body, Trouble breathing, Vomiting, Weakness

Effectiveness of Trulicity
Studies show that Trulicity is just as effective as any other diabetes medications. This includes: Metformin, Victoza, Januvia etc. These medications work in different ways however relatively provide the same result. You will find that Trulicity’s injector is easy to use and is required less often than some of its competitors. Any questions speak to our licensed Pharmacist.

Be sure to check with your physician regarding drug interactions with any other medications that you might be taking.

Important notice: Avoid consuming anything that is high in sugar or carbs. These foods can affect your body’s ability to manage your glucose. Avoid over eating. Be sure to consume at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Be sure to chew your food properly and be sure to keep active. Limit yourself to eating after a certain hour and make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Getting a proper nights’ rest can impact your eating habits.

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To get more information about Trulicity and how to use this medication, please give us a call at our toll free number: 1 (888) 557-0340 to speak to a Pharmacist. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Did you know that the medication – Saxenda (liraglutide) has been clinically shown to help with weight loss? This is in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Here’s what you need to know regarding this highly effective medication —

Weight Loss – How does Saxenda contribute to Weight Loss?
Saxenda (liraglutid) is recognized as glucagon a.k.a Peptide 1 (GLP 1). This medication is similar to a hormone that occurs naturally within the human body. This medication helps control insulin levels,digestion and blood sugar. Saxenda is an FDA-approved drug. Please be advised although this drug does impact both insulin and digestion, it is not intended nor recommended to be used as a treatment for diabetes type 2. Any questions please ask your Primary Physician or give us a call to speak to a licensed Pharmacist.

Did you know Saxenda Reduces Leptin Resistance?
One of the hormones that is directly connected to your weight is identified as Leptin. This hormone will send signals to your brain that your body is storing enough fat. Once your body has received these signals and recognizes your fat levels, your appetite becomes slowly suppressed. Therefore, your brain thinks that your fat reserves are at a sustainable level which causes you to stop craving food.

After being on a calorie reduced based diet your fat levels will drop. Therefore when your body senses the rapid weight and fat loss, your brains will then stimulate your appetite to replenish your fat reserves. Leptin helps to reduce chances of regaining weight after your diet stops. It is possible that you can develop leptin resistance in which your brain doesn’t respond to the leptin hormone. When this occurs, weight management becomes extremely difficult.

Improving Insulin Sensitivity
How can you manage Insulin resistance? By using insulin supplements. To ensure that glucose can enter your cells, the bloodstream produces extra insulin. Unfortunately, an increase in insulin often leads to weight gain. This is caused by the extra glucose in which is absorbed into your cells by the fat in your body.
Insulin allows glucose aka sugar from our food to be turned into energy for our organs and cells to operate on. When an individual has insulin resistance this means that that individual’s body is not able to absorb glucose from his/her bloodstream. Keep in mind that our bodies have been regularly programmed to breakdown all other sources of glucose such as the protein in our bodies or fat for our cells to fully function to the best of their abilities.

How much Saxenda should I take?
Saxenda’s purpose is to help increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Therefore allowing you to benefit from having low blood sugar without the risk of gaining weight. It is extremely important and crucial that you do NOT take any other insulin supplements while on Saxenda. Saxenda is usually taken once per day. However, this is based on your prescription. Be sure to follow your instructions provided from your physician or call to speak to a Pharmacist. Please do not use Saxenda for any periods longer than advised from your doctor. Dosage for this medication is to the sole discretion of your doctor.

How does it work?
Saxenda is injected using a prefilled injection pen under the skin. This can be taken at any time of day with or without consuming food. If you are not sure how to inject this medication, please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to a licensed Pharmacist or simply contact your local physician.

Remember being consistent with taking your medications gives you the best results. Follow directions that your doctor has provided you and do not take it outside of what has been instructed to you. Please be sure to store unused pens in your refrigerator. Do not share your pens with anyone else. Your medication is for your sole use only. When using needles, be sure to use disposable needles. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to discard your needles please contact your local physician.

Are there any side effects to Saxenda?
Yes, just like any other medication, Saxenda does come with possible side effects. Once you have reached your desired weight, it is advised that you speak to your primary physician to see if you should be continuing to take this medication.

Saxenda side effects include the following:
Constipation, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Headache, Increased Heart Rate, Nausea, Muscle Cramping, Vomiting. Should you experience any of these side effects please contact your local Primary Physician right away. In case of any urgent emergency please contact your local hospital or call “911”.

Use Saxenda To Help You With Your Weight Loss Journey
Prior to purchasing Saxenda online, Talk to your doctor about Saxenda and if it is right for you. Saxenda is not available as an over-the-counter medication and a prescription is required to dispense this medication.

When you’re ready to purchase your prefilled liraglutide pens you know who to go to —
Honeybee Pharmacy offers various options to ensure that you are able to get your medications at the best prices. Learn more about Saxenda and how it can lower your BMI while assisting you to get to your ideal weight loss. Simply contact us and speak to a licensed Pharmacist today!

Honeybee Pharmacy believes in helping ALL Americans to live better by helping them save better when it comes to all their prescription required and over-the-counter needs. Honeybee Pharmacy hopes to hear from you soon.

For more information regarding Saxenda please feel free to contact our toll free number: 1 (888) 557-0340 to request to speak to a licensed Pharmacist.

Honeybee Pharmacy is committed to supplying the American people with medications that are at a reasonable price point. We stand by our principle that Americans should not be required to choose whether they take their medications or whether they will be eating. Honeybee Pharmacy is committed to supplying medications from tablets to inhalers to insulin to test strips etc. The list goes on!

At Honeybee Pharmacy we believe in dispensing safe medications and that millions of Americans have the right to having medications that aren’t drastically inflated in pricing. We are ready and stand by daily to serve the American people.

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