Are you a diabetic and do you like to have an occasional drink? Have you ever wondered if it’s safe to drink alcohol while you’re a diabetic? The answer is yes it is safe. It is important to monitor your consumption of alcohol and be observant of anything out of the ordinary due to drinking.

Let’s discuss the effects that alcohol can have on a diabetic. HoneyBee Pharmacy offers you top tips on how to drink responsibly. Your health is our priority. HoneyBee Pharmacy believes in educating and sharing knowledge with all American viewers to make sure that Americans can maintain their health and still enjoy a glass or two. Drink responsibly.

Let’s talk about alcohol and blood sugar. As you may be aware the liver plays a key role in managing our blood glucose levels which convert to glycogen (that’s a form of glucose that’s stored in our body) which converts into glucose – which is then slowly released into our bloodstream on the daily.

Did you know that due to an increase in our blood sugar levels that is caused by the liver all those who have type 1 diabetes use insulin everyday to avoid the blood sugar levels from becoming dangerously high?

Let’s talk about alcohol. When we consume alcoholic beverages, our livers take a hit. Our livers have to endure the aftermath of alcohol. When our liver is filtering the alcohol that’s been consumed, our body halts the release of glucose.

What does that mean for diabetics? – This can be fairly dangerous. Insulin medication should NEVER be mixed with alcohol as that can create complications in which you would need to be monitored by a medical professional sooner rather than later.

If you have just had a meal, your digestion of alcohol can be rather slower. Your insulin that you might have taken prior to eating probably hasn’t taken its course yet and your food still hasn’t been broken down into what we call glucose.

Being diabetic and drinking is one thing but you must be responsible. As drinking alcohol can become very dangerous and end up with serious consequences for those who have both types 1 or 2 diabetes.

Did you know that Hypoglycemia is caused by Alcohol Consumption?
Hypoglycemia (aka hypo)occurs when blood sugar (glucose) levels are below normal.
Glucose is the human body’s natural and # 1 source of energy. Did you know the drop in blood sugar for a diabetic can include symptoms such as the following?

Shakiness, fatigue, sweating, hunger, slurred speech,various levels of irritability + unconsciousness or seizures when levels are dangerously low.

Diabetics should be aware of the possible side effects related to excessive amounts of consumed alcohol. Are you a diabetic who becomes overly anxious or having severe anxiety when you’re intoxicated? Please see your local medical professional for more information and tips on how to stay away from over indulging.

Did you know that alcohol itself will not raise blood sugar alone since alcohol is 0 carbs. Spoiler alert – it’s the sugary drinks that are usually used as “chaser” or mixers.

Alcohol can affect diabetics by symptoms such as increased hunger which can cause obesity, which can also affect your blood sugar levels. Did you also know that Alcohol can cause drastic spikes or drops in blood sugar levels?
Alcohol can do many things such as increase blood pressure, triglyceride levels, interfere with therapeutic effects that your oral diabetes prescriptions would usually take care of.

For more information about alcohol and diabetes please do not hesitate to give us a call at our toll free number 1-888-557-0340 to request to speak to a Pharmacist. HoneyBee Pharmacy is a proud Pharmacy Partner who refers patients to its contracted Pharmacy department. HoneyBee Pharmacy is not a Pharmacy itself but an established Pharmacy partner with over 10+ years of experience in the online Pharmaceutical business.

These are all red flags that show you that you need to pay attention to your health, get in contact with your Primary physician and look up information for yourself on how to maintain these symptoms. What are the best remedies or how to manage them when you are feeling anxious. The very important matter of fact to know is that you are not helpless and that you are going to try your best to manage your diabetes.

What is the primary concern for Diabetics – particularly Type 1 Diabetics? This is in relation to those who are diagnosed with the disease and are in constant fear of passing out or not waking up. The fear of excessive anxiety. This fear seems to have a higher dominant effect on those who are driving, alone or about to fall asleep. This is a common fear that millions of Americans encounter daily and silently and that our staff at HoneyBee Pharmacy has seen personally. A common concern is “What if I fall asleep but don’t wake up?”

The importance of keeping in contact with other people when you are diagnosed with Diabetes is extremely important. Should there ever be an instance where you fall under an unfortunate situation: the fact that you notified someone prior to your whereabouts, about how you’re feeling, about your mental health and about your concerns can be your saving grace. This is something that millions of Americans fail to acknowledge and recognize. Our staff at HoneyBee Pharmacy really wants to inform all the readers that by letting someone else know what you’re going through and letting someone else keep an eye on you when you are not feeling well can really save your life.

HoneyBee Pharmacy looks to spread wellness, useful and relevant information regarding prescription medications including diabetes medications and topics to all readers. As it is your right to be notified about issues that you may have not known existed or thought were relevant or important or you shy away from. These are everyday feelings and situations that diabetics all over the USA encounter.

If you are not able to afford a CGM please ensure to check with your meter five to six times a day minimum. It can be frightening when you check to find out how low you are. Try to drink some juice or have a snack to help you with your current conditions.

Did you know that driving can be a challenge that millions of Americans from all ages can experience due to Diabetes? The importance of having a scheduled meal plan and the importance of eating healthy fresh foods prior to driving can be essential. You must always keep in mind to be prepared for anything. By keeping yourself supplied with a prepackaged diabetic emergency bag in the car you ensure to keep yourself safe and in top shape. Having extra medical supplies including pump, syringes, needles, CGM if available, insulin, extra water, juice, snack or maybe even a glucagon kit could be in your favour.

If you don’t already have a medical alert necklace, tag, bracelet or some type of band that can help identify your personal information in case of an emergency maybe look into that sooner rather than later. Always have an emergency contact on speed dial just in case. This information can be extremely beneficial to first responders or any type of medical staff if you were ever to experience a medical emergency. Type 1 Diabetes and any other medications including any allergies that you have had previously or any major allergies that medical professionals should be aware of should be easy for them to retrieve that information. Either if you store in your purse, bag or leave that information with an emergency contact and have that emergency contact listed in a note, notebook, notepad or anywhere with your personal belongings that you take with you on the daily can be crucial.

As we all know busy days can be overwhelming and hard to deal with scheduling consistant eating times. This can also be overwelheming and hard to handle when your sugar in your blood is crashing and crashing hard. If you are currently enrolled into any type of education courses this includes schools or after school programs make sure to let the teachers, professors, classmates or even secretary or school nurse know that you are diabetic. That way if they notice something is off they can be quick to identify and inform you or call for help asap!

HoneyBee Pharmacy does not encourage promoting fear to the American people. Instead HoneyBee Pharmacy encourages shining light on such topics and sharing information to make sure that you are aware of what to know just in case you should ever experience an unfortunate event. HoneyBee Pharmacy is committed to the growth that the knowledge that one can gain from articles such as these. Knowing what to look for and what to mention to others who would not know you are diabetic.

Being diabetic can affect your moods and the way you do certain things and by informing those around you kind of helps give that clear picture on what could potentially be affecting you around the clock or on a particular day.

If you have any further questions please do honestly hesitate to contact HoneyBee Pharmacy at 1-888-557-0340 or simply go to www.honeybee HoneyBee Pharmacy is an established Pharmacy partner in Canada with it’s contracted Pharmacy department and reputable dispensing vendors able to help millions of Americans with their prescription and over-the-counter medications at rational and affordable price points.

Let’s talk Depression – Depression is when a person feels unhappy about life. With everything going on in the world right now there are millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, their financial freedom and that has caused severe stress. The stress of restriction, the stress of limited resources, the stress of financial setbacks, the stress of now knowing where to get money when your resources are limited. As we are all aware that there have been millions of people who have lost their jobs, companies have closed due to Covid-19. That leaves many families wondering how they are going to pay their bills. How are they going to provide for their family and most importantly do you choose your food over your medications? Millions of Americans are relying on internet pharmacies as a gateway to their medications without knowing the dangers of what they are purchasing. That itself can become overwhelming, stressful and lead to depression.

HoneyBee Pharmacy guarantees quality medications at affordable pricing, true to what is being advertised and will always have a customer service specialist respond to any inquiries or complaints to help improve the service that HoneyBee Pharmacy provides the American people. HoneyBee Pharmacy is committed to serving those with diabetes and who are going through depression.

Like many other diseases diabetes comes in stages. So let’s talk types:

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes.This is a chronic condition to where the pancreas are producing either no insulin or very little insulin. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that allows our sugar aka glucose to enter cells to produce energy. Those who are insulin dependent when not taking their medications can experience extreme fatigue or weakness.

Type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes – This is when the human body does not produce enough insulin or may resists insulin. This one is often related to tablet medications. Common symptoms include the following: frequent urination – thirst – hunger – fatigue – cold sweat – cold hands – blurred vision – mood swings or irritation. Did you know that there are millions of Americans who have type 2 diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed?

There are many treatments to Type 2 diabetes. These treatments are not limited to but include: Exercise with a healthy balanced diet and insulin therapy. This one can also be monitored with tablet medications by your primary Physician. Any questions please do not hesitate to give HoneyBee Pharmacy a call at 1-888-557-0340 to speak to a licensed Pharmacist.

Let’s face it living with Type 1 Diabetes isn’t always a walk in the park. Millions of Americans struggle in so many various ways. There are also many people who don’t understand how mentally challenging this can be. It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels.

It is crucial and essential to monitor Diabetes. For Type 1 Diabetes it is important to know that there is no cure as of yet. However, it is physically possible to reverse Diabetes when caught at an early enough stage with diet, monitorized by a Physician and exercise. It is important to know that there are various factors to what can affect a person’s numbers. It cannot be solely based on consuming calories but there are also things to consider like exercise, sleeping habits, level of pain, various medications, sickness and stress among other things. Monitoring your food and the portions that you take can have an impact on your blood glucose level and determine if it is going to be ranked higher or lower.

Let’s be vocal about tracking your blood sugar levels – The importance of tracking your blood sugar levels, monitoring your doses of insulin, planning your everyday meals and meal preparation – how to stay healthy and keep active – It can be mentally draining and a lot to have on your mind. Are you feeling emotionally drained? How about feeling sluggish, depressed, emotionally unbalanced? Those are symptoms of a Diabetes “burnout” that can be addressed with your primary Physician. It is important to manage and touch base with your daily emotions as you are managing your diabetes. Emotions that are common to feel when diagnosed with diabetes – stressed out – angry – upset – irritated – sad – scared – anxious – Take time out of your day to really pause and reset. A few moments to yourself when you are feeling slightly off can make a big difference.

Do not be scared to reach out to loved ones, colleagues or neighbours about advice or conversations that will help you feel balanced. Talk to your doctor about how you feel. It is important that you seek a medical health care provider to help give you information; consultation to what your next steps are to managing your diabetes.

Did you know that products on the market such as Continuous Glucose Monitors make pricking less frequent and help to let people understand their glucose levels better. Did you know an insulin pump can reduce the number of injections that a diabetic would normally take? Have you also checked into applications such as digital carb counters? This can be found on smart phones etc. The prices of insulin pumps make it affordable for diabetics to invest in this method of intake. Which is another trigger for those living with this disease. The cost of living. The cost of budgeting. The cost of medical supplies and medications.

As of the CDC Diabetes one of the most expensive diseases that falls under the long term category is Diabetes. Other high rated diseases include: Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death and disability in the USA. 1 vial of insurance is literally double the amount of what HoneyBee Pharmacy has to offer. We kick in where insurances kick off. The costs required for supplies such as test strips, syringes, needles, CGM’s, supplies for insulin, insulin pumps, doctor visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations etc. can cause extreme anxiety and stress levels. Did you know that the average person with diabetes is spending almost $16K + in medical expenses? That’s give or take 2.5% higher compared to someone who does not have Diabetes. To avoid lethal situations and to optimize the chances of increasing long life it is to your best interest that if you are a person with Diabetes to do your homework, know your ressources, know their resources and know where to put your dollar for it’s full worth.

Complications may develop if you are NOT taking care of your numbers. Did you know that suicide is an unfortunate yet real common denominator when it comes to Diabetes? If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts please make sure to seek medical attention it can save a life. Depression is a common link when having Diabetes. Mental state people — you must focus on your mental state. The burden of having Diabetes can take a toll on a person not only physically but emotionally, financially and relationships. It is crucial and important that the people battling this disease know that they are not alone and that they find a common ground in building a healthy and well balanced life. By becoming engaged into conversations, learning about the Disease instead of turning a blind eye, you hold the power to your future. You hold the power to change, your own outcome and your own health. helps thousands of Americans all around the Usa get the Diabetes medication that they need to live a better life. HoneyBee Pharmacy is committed to serving all Americans by providing them with safe, quality and reliable medications. Did you know about HoneyBee Pharmacy? You can save hundreds on popular brands such as Saxenda, Lantus, Humalog, Novolin, Apidra, and Novorapid. Pens, Vials, and Cartridges along with much more! All you have to do is give HoneyBee Pharmacy a call at 1-888-557-0340. They’re open 7 days a week! 365 days a year!